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Cook Sauces

Delicious Latin American inspired taste adventures.

cook sauces from capsicana


Chilli & Honey

My Chilli & Honey Cook Sauce is made using authentic chipotle & ancho poblano chilli peppers, and honey. Enjoy with meat, fish or vegetables.

cook sauces from capsicana


Chilli & Lemon

My Chilli & Lemon Cook Sauce is based on the famous Peruvian Aji Verde sauce using Peruvian grown Aji Amarillo chilli peppers. A delicious and flavoursome sauce for chicken, fish, pork or vegetables.

cook sauces from capsicana


Chilli & Coconut

My Chilli & Coconut Cook Sauce is based on the Brazilian dish Moqueca. Using frutescens chillies (known as malagueta in Brazil). Perfect for fish, but equally delicious with chicken, pork or vegetables.

You can purchase the full Cook Sauce Range from Waitrose.

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