Latin American food - The Capsicana Story

I founded Capsicana because I absolutely love chillies and Latin American food.
I’ve eaten in many true Mexican cantinas and the inspiration behind Capsicana began back in the late 90’s when I was living with my Dad in Texas. We used to go on road trips all the time – most memorably, to visit friends in cities such as Austin and San Antonio.

Both have large Mexican communities and it was here that I first laid eyes on proper Mexican food, and this soon became my default cuisine of choice, whether we were going out for dinner or I was just grabbing something by the side of the road. Everything about it grabbed me – most particularly all the delicious varieties of chillies. This was the first time I came to understand that chillies are about so much more than just heat. I had no idea at the time that I would go on to set up my own Latin American food business but these were the experiences that laid the foundations for my love of Mexican food. So, in the years after returning from Texas I accumulated more and more Mexican cookbooks, hunted out difficult to find ingredients so I could recreate the flavours I’d experienced in Texas, and started to learn about the other cuisines of Latin America.