Ben in Mexico City – Let’s Talk Tacos

If you have big travel ambitions this year, we’re right there with you. We’re ready for a cha-cha change and somewhere exotic. Whether you already have an adventure planned this year, or you’re still weighing up your options, here’s some spicy travel inspiration for you… and of course, it’s Latin American!

Our founder Ben set off on a visit to the vibrant foodie hub of Mexico City. A city packed full of culture, authentic street food and bustling carnitas - everything that inspired Capsicana and our fresh Latin vibe. Ben returned from his trip armed with travel photos that filled the team with envy, but even more importantly, with a list of the tastiest food he experienced.

We live and breath Latin flavour here at Capsicana, so we wanted to share the details with our fellow fajita fans… let’s start with our favourite, tacos!


A Taste for Tacos

Although not an official tasting tour, Ben set out to try as many different tacos as possible during his trip. Luckily, there’s no shortage of tacos in Mexico City, and no two are the same. So here’s the low down on some of the best tacos in town.

Chorizo tacos

Day one exploring Mexico City and Ben came across a corn fair at Plaza de la Constitucion ,also known as Zócalo. Amongst the music and dancing were food stands selling incredible food and local crafts. Ben picked up these chorizo tacos, topped with fresh guacamole and onion garnish. What a start to the taco tour. Top marks here for the crispy chorizo that was fried fresh on a hotplate while Ben waited.

Tacos de Cabeche

Taqueria Los Cocuyos in Centro Histórico is well known amongst the locals, and noted in many travel blogs for it’s unique tacos, including fillings of lengua (tongue) and ojo (eye).. amongst more familiar meats like brisket. Ben ordered tacos de cabeche (cheek tacos) and ate while watching the vendors cook for the locals – the perfect brunch before exploring more of the city.

Tacos de Arrechera

An unplanned visit to a taco stop opposite Alameda Central to even more sampling. Ben is a big fan of hot sauce, so this hot salsa topping really hit the spot.

Our founder Ben set off on a visit to the vibrant foodie hub of Mexico City. A city packed full of culture, authentic street food, and bustling carnitas - everything that inspired Capsicana and our fresh Latin vibe. We wanted to hear about one thing in particular... so let's talk tacos.

Alambre de Arrechera

During the visit Ben found a great little taco stand called Tacos Victora on Calle Tacuba. Here Ben ordered Alambre de Arrechera, which translates on the plate as small pieces of skirt steak mixed with queso de Oaxaca, peppers and onions. Unlike many of the tacos Ben tried in Mexico City, there were served with flour tacos. Topping them with chilli sauce, lime and avocado made them the perfect pairing for a cold (well deserved) beer.

Tacos de carnitas de atún

After a walk to Paseo de la Reforma, Ben settled down for another trio of tacos. This time mixing it up a little with tacos de carnitas de atun (seared tuna tacos). Super delicious and definitely one we’ll be recreating back at Casa Capsicana – watch this space!

Tacos El Pastor

A dish originating in the region of Puebla and Mexico City, tacos el pastor is a dish commonly found in taquerias throughout Mexico. An absolute must for Ben to tick off on his taco tour. Packed with richly marinated, spit-grilled pork, with a smoky heat.. and of course, the sweetness from pineapple! Super fresh and delicious, a definite favourite from the trip.

Rib Eye Tacos

Following the tacos de carnitas de atun, Ben returned to the same taqueria a day later but this time in search of a meatier taste. These fully loaded rib eye tacos were topped with fresh onions and herbs, zesty avocado dressing and hot salsa. Full of flavour and tender steak, the perfect end of the taco tasting in Mexico City.