Peruvian Pulled Chicken



300g Chicken mini fillets

1 onion, sliced

Capsicana Peruvian Wrap Cooking Paste

Cooking oil


  1. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a large pan over medium-high heat.
  2. Add the chicken to the pan and cook for 4-5 minutes, turning halfway until lightly browned.
  3. Add the chopped onion and fry for a minute until starting to soften.
  4. Add 80ml water along with the cooking paste into the pan. Stir well and then cover with a lid to simmer for 5 minutes until the chicken is cooked through. The lid is very important for this!
  5. After 5 minutes remove the pan from the heat. Keeping the chicken in the pan, use two forks to shred and pull the chicken. Once shredded mix well into sauce for maximum flavour.
  6. Return to the heat to cook for a further minute in the sauce, or for a little longer to get the perfect consistency for you.
  7. Serve with mini tortilla wraps, crispy lettuce, fresh herbs and salsa!

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